A Visit To The Good (Tooth) Doctor Doesn\’t Always Need To Be An Ordeal

Problems with the mouth are one of the worst pains that we humans suffer. For those of you who have had toothaches, tooth extractions, root canal fillings and tooth fractures etc., it is not news that tooth problems are probably one of the worst that you have had to deal with.

And naturally, the treatment of tooth and gum related problems are also painful. Numerous are the tales of people screaming while being in that comfortable, reclined chair at the dentists’ office.

And it is not just children who suffer in pain, and are thus wary of this specialist; most adults too fear the thought of having to go to the dentists’ office.

But as with everything else, dental sciences have also grown and evolved over the decades, and the process is now not always as dreadful and cringe worthy. Today, there are more sophisticated equipment and more effective medications that can be used in the treatment of dental problems.

But the key is to be mindful about regular oral care. The age old adage of brushing your teeth at least twice a day still stands true. The use of a good toothpaste, along with flossing is a must. After the consumption of foods which are rich in sugar and acids, it is now recommended that a glass of water be consumed immediately in order to wash out any residue of these chemicals from the teeth and gums.

The use of mouth washes and gargles which was once highly recommended, as much so as the use of fluoridated toothpaste, is now discouraged. This is because mouth washes kill off almost all bacteria in the mouth, which includes the multitude of good ones which are beneficial for overall oral health and wellbeing.

And it gets even more interesting. Good oral hygiene doesn’t just affect your teeth and gums. Any infections that may affect your teeth and gums can also spread to the rest of your body. Those who have had children would recall how they have been told that during pregnancy, they must be vigilant about oral care, as an infection in the mouth can actually spread so far as affecting the fetus!

Thus, regular visits to the good old tooth doctor comes highly recommended. Not merely to ensure that you have teeth that will be useful and be strong enough to use for the rest of your entire life, but also in the interest of ensuring good overall health, good dental care is a must.