Characteristics Of Skin Tumor

Tumors that develop on the epidermis are termed as skin tumors. These are forms of abnormal cell growths which are also known as a neoplasm. Many people consider tumors to be cancerous, but they can be of different kinds. They could be benign, malignant or pre malignant. Malignancy is usually associated with cancer.

What is neoplasm?

Many people get confused with the different terms used. For instance, neoplasm refers to abnormal cell groups. These might not form a lump in all cases. When abnormal cell groups form a lump, they are termed as tumors. Tumor on epidermis is referred to as skin tumor. Malignant tumors are uncontrolled growths. These can invade other tissues and spread across a body. That is when it is synonymous to skin cancer, which might require melanoma surgery.

Benign tumor features

When a skin tumor is benign, it usually does not need melanoma surgery in Gold Coast. That is because it does not have signs of developing in an uncontrolled manner. Hence, benign tumors simply need to be removed for aesthetic reasons. Moles are an instance of such form of skin tumor. Many people wish to get them removed as these are unsightly. Moles in certain cases can be cancerous. Uterine fibroids are instances of skin tumor that is benign. Other forms of skin tumor that are benign in nature include sebaceous cysts, epidermoid or skin tags. There could also appear skin cysts that are lined by keratin or Dermatofibroma. These are usually forms of small nodules that form on the skin and appear as inflammations on circular areas. 

Pre malignancy of tumors

When tumors are termed pre malignant, these are tumors which have not yet turned cancerous. These have not yet invaded surrounding tissues. However, they have the potential to invade and affect surrounding cells as well. Carcinoma that occurs in situ is a form of a pre malignant tumor where neoplastic cells multiply within a confined space. When skin tumors are found to be pre malignant, treatmentneeds to be done in order to prevent the destructive cells from multiplying and spreading to other parts of the body. Click this link for further information regarding lumpectomy surgery.

Malignant state

Cancerous skin tumors are malignant. These usually spread as they metastasize and kill the host eventually. There are different kinds of treatments that exist for skin cancer. These include invasive surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Often lymph nodes need to be removed in order to stop the spread of the malignant cells. It is necessary that these cells are detected early, which can lead to effective treatment. The earlier the detection, the less invasive is the procedure for killing the cancerous cells. For that reason, any sign of skin cancer needs to be checked and followed up with a doctor’s appointment.