Doctors Are Living God

When someone tells you this, you would probably be imagining the classmates who joined a college of doctor studies and have probably had probably graduated. The important thing to consider when they talk about doctors is the fact that anyone who relieves anyone form any kind of pain is a doctor. Therefore, people like psychologists and psychiatrist are also the people who assist people to heal their broken souls. It can be seen that what the other doctors do for the patient can be seen with bare eyes. But the things that the doctors like psychologist and psychiatrist do are mental. It is actually pretty complicated and hard to see until you are deep in concentration and want to see it.

Getting help from psychologist and psychiatrist is the actual magic. With right amount of persuasion, self determinates and conscious doctor, you would get a normally functioning patient again back. There are similar other degrees and courses which involves studying Brisbane chiropractic. This study would be too pure and without any kind of side effects.
In this kind of treatment, they make sure that the patient is having the right posture and correct spinal code alignment. They treat patient by applying pressure on different places. This way they activate the nerves and let them get back to their normal mode of functioning. This will also help them to get away from any kind of disease they are developing, they make use of this method to diagnose diseases.
Nowadays you know that we have expensive scans like MRI, CT scans and several other scans. These scans are not just expansive but give out harmful radiations that are not good for human health. Sometimes few of the rays can cause short term or long term loss of memory. It is common knowledge that you will have several side effects if you take medicines for any sort of disease. Moreover if you are allergic or have complications it will be very dangerous to take any medicine. So it is the doctor’s knowledge of how to prescribe the right treatment and medicines for any patient is the only way to save the patient. This is why doctors should be considered important to god.
But sadly, nowadays, people in several countries are loading the college with money and are getting their doctor degrees. When these people set up a clinic, they would not know the first thing about medicines and they are killing several people! The country might have a huge population there it might not be a great loss. But the person who was killed by a doctor who did not learn his lessons well are known is important to some people in his life.