What To Do When Your Child Experiences Vomiting?

If you’re a parent you will be accustomed to your child being sick. And parents are always prepared in the event that a child becomes sick. They may have to stay up all night with the child and soothe them. The child may vomit through the night so you will have to be at their beck and call. If you ever feel that is something other than a simple food poison, you will have to get them to a doctor when they have become more or less stabilised. Preparation is key for instances like this. Sometime the children may vomit in the middle of the night after becoming sick on some food item or other that their stomach couldn’t handle. Most of the time, they may throw up in the bed and you will have a big task cleaning up the vomit.

Sometime it can soak into the mattress and leave stains that you’ll be hard put to remove. The trick is to prepare for this beforehand when you buy a mattress. Go for a mattress with a heavy duty cover so that it can be protected from spills and stains. It is also good to keep a few emesis bags in the house as well.You will need to monitor your child’s condition through the night. They may experience fever and if this happens you should call your paediatrician and ask for advice on what to do. You should keep contact number such as that near hand so that you don’t have to go on a frantic search for it. Keep these numbers in your mobile or on the fridge so that it is easily accessible.

Make sure that there are disposable vomit bags in an accessible location as well. It can be easier if you keep a bag or two in y our child’s bedroom and teach them to use it in such an occasion. There should also be a bin handy if you have run out of barf bags. It is better to have the bin at the child’s side all through the night so that it is more convenient to used. You will have to wash it well after use so that it does not become a festering area for germs. It is better to start cleaning right away. Make sure you take the bedding out and wash it so the stains don’t have time to stick. Wash the floor as well if some of the vomit got on it. It is very important that the environment be fresh and clean. Make sure to be calm during the whole episode so your child will feel reassured.